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Default Kobe vs. Jordan: The best player of all time?

Ok, I get into these kinds of debates all the time. I want to know your personal opinion, who is the better player. Now when you think about it you don't just decide based on the self coined title of Michael "the best ever". That's corny, he called himself that and now people just jump on the bandwagon and agree with him. I don't buy his little **** talking self given title. Kobe is better and even players the played with both Kobe and Jordan agree. For instance, take John Salley:


*Chris Rose: Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

**John Salley: I played with both Kobe and Michael. I would have to say that Kobe Bryant is the better player. Kobe has a much better shot, handles the ball better, and just has more tricks to go along with his game. And just look at his career...he already has 3 rings and he's going for his fourth this year.

*Chris Rose: Yea because he's playing with Shaq, the most dominant big man ever, right?

**John Salley: Wrong. Playing with Shaq of course makes it easier for Kobe, but I don't thing Michael would have done as well as Kobe is, playing with another superstar. If you think about it, Jordan had someone who rebounded for him (Rodman) and brought leadership to the team (Pippen). Other than Jordan, the Chicago Bulls didn't have any real good offensive players. Jordan did the scoring all by himself. Where in Kobe's case, there's Shaq, who's another superstar that wants to score points, or else he gets upset as we've seen many times before. Kobe shares the ball with Shaq, and still puts up big numbers by himself, which is what amazes me. Kobe puts up the same numbers as Jordan did, and Kobe's playing with Shaq. If Kobe was on a team without Shaq, he would score 45 points per game.

*Chris Rose: O.K. You made some good points, but you agree that Jordan is a better defender, right? I mean, he won the defensive player of the year award several times.

**John Salley: No way, I donít agree! Back in Jordan's days, you were allowed to put your elbows on the guy you were defending. Now in Kobe's days, even if you just touch a player like that, you get called for the foul.

*Chris Rose: O.K., whatever John. Well here's my last argument, and if you don't agree with me on this one, we're going to have to test you for drugs.

**John Salley: Man, shut up. I played with Jordan and Kobe. Did you?

*Chris Rose: No, but I do know that when it's late in the game, you want Jordan taking the final shot.

**John Salley: How can you say that? You just say that because Jordan made the game- winning basket on your sorry Cleveland Cav's team back in the early 90's. Man, for the next show, we should put a clip together showing Michael Jordan's game- winning shots and Kobe Bryant game- winning shots and compare the two. Jordan might have more game- winners, but Kobe still has 10 years left in this league, and he's not even at his best right now. Another thing of course is Kobe's trial case. I don't think anyone in the history of basketball could do what Kobe is doing traveling from court to court, scoring 30+ points.
Ok I know none of us has played with both Jordan and Kobe, if you have get me an autograph will ya? Make it out to Steve. That ain't all though; even Jordan has said that he (Kobe) is the closest thing to him ever. Now, do you honestly think Michael the cockiest player ever would out and out say a young player out of Lower Marion High school was better than him? No, it would have been a leap to say he was even close to his level. Back in his playing days Jordan boasted of being on his own level, no one could touch him, but now he says Kobe is close! I mean if Jordan can say he is almost as good as him and John Salley can say hes better why can't we. Seriously, it isn't the end of the world when one player comes out that is better than the other, it's simply how things work, God granted them both with the skill to be great and now one has utilized it more.

Don't get me wrong, Jordan is still one of the greatest players ever. As a matter of fact with his achievements he tops Kobe (for now that is).

Ok, thatís it for me, what do you think? What is your stance on the Kobe vs. Jordan debate?
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