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Well, you'll have to make a better breakdown of why you think Kobe's better otherwise this thread will be who likes Kobe better than MJ.

To use John Salleys' opinion to back up yours is far fetched to say the least. That would mean all any poster would need to do to top you is find a couple NBA players who've said MJ was & there are tons who have.

& where you got the idea MJ started everyone to call him the best ever by referring to himself that way is laughable. If that's how it works, just have Kobe start calling himself that & this argument will be over by the end of the Finals cuz everyone will be mimicking him.

As far as MJ saying Kobe's the closest to him sounds good only if you disregard the context of the question put to him which was "Who playing now is closest to you?". Hardly a reason to put that as MJ endorsing Kobe as better. That would be like answering "What's the closest to a Lambourgini"? & answering Corvette. Another great car but not a Lambourgini.

So if you come back with more reasons than "likes", I'll give it a go.
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