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Good post, Shawn...

That's a little more like it then I like Kobe better.

My main point is this....
MJ played his career above the rim & attacking the basket. He understood the concept of putting the pressure on the opponents D. Watch any Bull games & you'll see 3-4 defenders cheating on MJ cuz after him, there no one. Even with that kind of attention, he still consistently got to the rim. Hell, the Pistons had a defense expressly designed to stop him...The Jordan Rules.

Kobe is a helluva player who at times reminds you of MJ. He needs so much seasoning to attain the MJ level, if he does, that to try & force a "Who's better?" argument is unfair to Kobe.

Kobe needs to realize what attacking the basket does in a game. Besides putting the opponents in potential foul trouble, it disrups the opponents defensive scheme & gives you free throws...which of course are free. lol

Kobe as fallen in love with the trey lately but someone with his talent should be making opponents pay by driving the hoop. Sometimes it's an ego thing where it proves you can hit a long shot. They tried to criticize MJ by saying the trey was a weakness so he went out in the Finals & dumped a record amount of treys to make his point....

Good luck with your Lakers tonite...If they do what they're supposed to do, it will be an entertaining game....

p.s. lookin' rough tonite, Shawn...

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