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It's obvious you're young & enamored with Kobe, Enoch. That's fine except you make your argument as tho MJ played in George Mikans era.

Players have not gotten faster since MJs time. Hell, in this present league, an old MJ was averaging over 20 a game.
The defense is better nowadays??? You gotta be ****tin' me..

Since you like to bring up AI "breaking MJs ankles" highlite, let me ask you...Do you know how many years MJ was in the league when that happened??? & can you explain how AI routinely "breaks ankles" around the league & including, I might add, more than once with your favorite player??

No player has the success alone in a team sport & Pippen was crucial to that success. Don't imply Kobe would be so much better without Shaq. that's an argument with nothing but supposition behind it. Right now, Bryant plays Robin to Shaqs Batman....It's the way it is....Get used to it.

Arguing what the future holds is useless. Stick with the facts....
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