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Default's very clear cut to me. How many MVP's does Kobe have? He's been to the finals three times (four now), and all three Shaq has been the man. I don't want to diminish Kobe with this, because he is my favorite player in the game today because of how good he is...but he's just not at MJ's level. Nobody can prove that he is right now anyway's. Yes, he has put on some amazing shows over the years, but how many of those shows were due to Shaq having foul trouble? A ton.

The book will be open after Michael when someone takes a franchise from the rock bottom and builds it into a complete dynasty while dominating in the process.

Enoch...appreciate it, but have you seen the Lakers record when Kobe play's and Shaq doesn't? I don't know the exact record, but I know it's under .500 and not too impressive. What makes Kobe so good is how he feeds off Shaq, and Shaq feeds off him. Michael didn't feed off anybody, people fed off him.

The fact of the matter is you could basically put any top guard with Shaq and they'd still be winning championships. Does that mean they are all on Kobe's level? Absolutely not. Kobe is head and shoulders above any guard today. The bottom line is Shaq is too good, and all Shaq needs is a solid guard. Having the best guard and most skilled player in basketball today is a complete bonus.
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