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A very level headed, balancing kind of post, Ellis :thumbup:

A little touch on it tho...

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
Everything dies at some point, message boards included.
Very true but some do before their time.

People want Marc to post less about hooking up with women and driving cars, but that's Marc and I think it's nice that he shares stuff about his personal life on the boards.
Nothing wrong with that at all. Posts are always a good thing but when you're in the power chair, more is expected.

If Marc had some other type of personality-- if it was Buck running the site-- would anything be different? I really don't think so. Marc's tried to run the boards the best that he can.
Comparing Buckeye & Marc isn't a good example. Buckeye doesn't want to run a site while Marc does. Apples & oranges on that one.

Of course Marc's done the best he can. No one should dispute that. However, he's been more than vocal that things are fine the way they are & that it's up to the members which isn't true. He's also been a big proponent of 'community' which requires more 'community' input which has also been swept under the rug when it seems others want something tried that doesn't follow his whims. That's more a dictatorship & at least should be more upfront.

I guess what's 'lost in translation' is that there's been no vision in keeping the board relevant with changing times/mods/board layout/etc. That's just inexperience but if that point was ever mentioned in the past, it was met with a defensive posture about age. Sorry but it's been the truth all along.

To run a site like this, one has to be constantly aware of what each mod/poster brings to the site. By putting the right mods, as example, in place, you lessen the burden on yourself & allow the site to stay focused without being overbearing. You can also benefit by luring the right posters in (not just mod positions) newly formed roles in various forums, to taking a more active role & also inviting new blood. That's Networking Basics 101...

There's just a few examples of things not tried/missing. SC didn't have to aspire to be a huge site but it definitely needed more care/input to make it just large enough & diverse enough to survive any lulls thru time.

What's going to save the boards: a new owner, new mods, new rules, a new layout? I doubt any of it would make a difference. Unless SC shows up on the news tomorrow or Marc puts together a huge marketing scheme, northing's going to change.

The times are changing. I'm not afraid to be the message board nihilist: Message boards are dead.

Rather than cutting others' throats, we should just be happy that the few of us that are left are still here.
Sounds like the Titanic passengers should have been grateful for at least the nice boat ride up till the ice burg. Sorry, too much effort & obvious above & beyond input by quite a few posters, most who have already given up & are gone, to take this ending with a smile on their face.

I'm a hair away from putting this site in my rear view mirror while I come to grips with leaving the posters I've enjoyed thru the years to my memory. My bitching & moaning will just be an echo which I'm sure will put a big smile on a few posters faces.

But anyway, nice post, Ellis. Reminds me of better times...
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