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Yet, Perry was invisible against Oregon.

I'm of the mind that one game doesn't NECESSARILY take away the award. HOWEVER, it can, if the game is big enough, or the performance comes against incredibly subpar competition.

Having never been a huge White guy anyway, I'm willing to push Fitzgerald back into the top 3, Sproles from 7 to 2, Leinart from wherever to 4, Roethlisberger from nowhere to 5, and Manning from 3 to 1.

But, that's just me.

I figure White will still win it, since a lot of votes have likely already been cast, and are due in on Tuesday or Wednesday. I heard a bobblehead suggest last night that another week was needed for voters to ruminate. On one hand, that seems a decent suggestion. On the other hand, voters who were borderline without television evidence might become even more fence-ridden come voting time, and fail to vote. Failure to vote has become a huge issue in Heisman voting, with some ridiculous number, like 60% or more, of those eligible NOT casting ballots. Double-edged sword.

Maybe there's something to doing the Heisman like a pro team all-star vote, though, and letting schlubs like us go and carry our own personal candidates on to personal glory.

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