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After looking at some of the numbers, I'm even more dubious of the Perry invitation to NY than I originally thought I was.

Perry's numbers
Carries Yards Avg TDs
315 1589 5.0 17

Sproles's numbers
293 1948 6.6 15

Sproles ran for 350 more yards on 22 fewer carries. Sproles leads the nation in rushing. Perry had a nice big game against OSU, but Sproles had three huge games in a row. Against Nebraska, with the Big 12 North division likely on the line, Sproles has a pedestrian 140 yards. The following week, against Missouri, this time, the Big 12 North division title deciding game, Sproles went out and had a career day 43 carries 273 yards and 2 TDs. And then, just to drive it home, Sproles made it possible for KSU to stun the Sooners, running 22 times for 235 yards. He scored on a pass reception, but not on the ground.

One can claim strength of schedule all one would like, but it'll fall on deaf ears here. Sproles ran circles around a befuddled OU defense. Running all around a top defense was all Perry did to warrant an invite to NY. Sproles should have been afforded the same courtesy. At least Sproles did it at neutral site. Whether Perry could have done the same at a neutral site is, of course, hypothetical fodder for the debate.

Meanwhile, I'm sick of the Heisman. It almost never goes to whom I believe it should, and is just as much a marketing scam as Christmas.

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