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Hahahahahahahha :lol: ...allow me to comment on a few of your "ruels"

#1 -- This only pertains who people who are "experts" in that sport and can give opinions to back up their stats. Who cares what Barry Bonds' batting average is in the last month? GIVE SOME CREDIBILITY TO WHAT YOU EASILY FOUND OFF OF MLB.COM and give me some interpretation! These people won't go anywhere in University or college or jobs or whatever they do in life. Professors or banks don't care about the facts -- they've read them all and seen them all, already!!:: they want to know what are those facts significance for your argument? Same applies here.

#3 -- I always have the last word in my arguments because I only enter ones in which I am right. Eventually the other side doesn't care or doesn't respond. If that is the case, I keep brining it up and up and up again until that person finally responds and admits to him being an idiot for even starting to account for that side in the first place.

#5 -- This isn't the case. Some idiots (you know who you are) post about sports they have no clue what they are talking about but want to contribute something to that forum. In these cases, they post a news article with a link and no other comments pertaining to it. It's like, "Yes, I know -- I can read this off of or So What????" This annoys the hell out of me.

#10 -- implemented by me a lot... I only do it with just cause, though.
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