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Default Re: ANOTHER interesting NBA trade ....

Originally posted by Jersey Devil:

The Suns traded Cliff Robinson to Detroit for John Wallace and Jud Buechler. Somebody please explain THIS trade to me!
I don't understand that trade by Phoenix at all. I like Uncle Cliffy a lot. Talk about a versatile player that can play the 3, 4, and 5 positions, can hit the outside shot for a big man and can post up. I remember when he first came into the N.B.A. from UConn, there was talk that he could be soft, but he's really turned out to be a nice player.

And all you got back for him is John Wallace and Jud Buechler?

The only thing I can think of with this trade and Kidd's trade is I remember Jerry Colangelo, the Phoenix Suns' owner (and also the Arizona Diamondbacks' owner) said earlier in the year he was tired of his sports athletes getting into trouble and having it be bad publicity (ie. Kidd beat his wife) for his sports teams so maybe he's getting rid of these guys because they're "character" problems off the court and off the field. I wonder if Clifford Robinson's been in trouble with the law before. I thought I heard he was in trouble for something not too long ago, like several months ago.

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