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Originally Posted by BeDaBear View Post
I thought Thigpen did alright for them last year. I don't know why they went after Cassel to tell you the truth when they have many more needs than QB imo. The best move they made was getting rid of H. Edwards, and then they turn around and let Tony G go. K.C has been in a big mess for awhile now. Yeah, Matt Cassel better be all that for K.C fans.

You need to be careful and analyze this dynamically, not statically: With everybody shoving eight, nine, and even ten guys in the box to stop Larry Johnson, you or I could have compiled the same numbers as Tyler Thigpen - and the bottom line is that he played just "well enough" to get the Chiefs beat.

And so far as Herm Edwards goes - clearly the front office hung him out to dry. They didn't even try and give him anything to work with.

As for Tony Gonzalez - he's old, and there is a business side to the NFL.
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