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Default Aftermath of Penguins-Islanders

NHL levies suspensions to Penguins and Isles

The National Hockey League has suspended Pittsburgh's Eric Godard for 10 games, while Trevor Gillies of the New York Islanders received a nine-game suspension and Isles forward Matt Martin drew a four-game suspension for their actions during Friday's game on Long Island.

The disciplinary actions were announced by NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell following in-person hearings with the Islanders on Saturday evening in Buffalo, where the Isles play Sunday afternoon.
Also noted in that article: Islanders organization fined $100,000 for failure to control their players.

My thoughts: I'm glad the NHL realized that what the Islanders did was completely unacceptable. The Islanders wanted revenge, but they did it the completely wrong way. They were a team, and a coach, with nothing to lose and it showed.

Yes, they wanted to get back at Johnson (for knocking out DiPietro). They did that by lighting him up for 5 goals quickly. But after fighting some guy, you don't leave your path to box to take on the goalie in a fight.

Yes, they wanted to get back at Talbot (for an accidental injury to Comeau). But you don't blindside, suckerpunch a guy.

And the Gillies charge/elbow to the head? Another blatant attempt to injure.

The Islanders are a mess and won't be going anywhere anytime soon if they keep acting this way.
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