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I don't see TCU getting into the top 10 going undefeated. If Marshall could only get to #13 in their undefeated year, then the Frogs won't now. Marshall is a money team. They have a big time college football mindset in a smaller ( but growing by leaps and bounds as we speak) conference. They've had Leftwich and Moss, two ticket sellers ( cha ching for the NCAA if playing on New Years) and still couldn't get a shot at a big boy due to contrats between the conferences and bowls.

Do they deserve a shot if undefeated? Hmmm...hard for me to say. I know they won't get it. And with the rise of the MAC, I'd began a debate of an undefeated Toledo or one loss Marshall team more deserving of a BCS bowl then the Frogs right now. At the very least, an undefeated Toledo MAC champion deserves more then playing 40 miles north in Detroit in mid December, especially when some 7-5 Big Ten or Big 12 school will play much closer to New Year's and get much more $. That is something I would hope most would agree with.
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