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Good points JBTD.

The Frogs came into this year highly ranked and highly touted by the media. I really didn't take into consideration how high they are ranked currently with so many games left ( for the big boys to lose and for them to win as to move up). Proably the highest ranking of a non-BCS team since the inception of the BCS so early in the season if someone could find such a stat. Like you said 8-0 and ranked #10 or #11 in 2000. If they are 8-0 this year, they should exceed that ranking, however it may be close.

But, let us look back at Toledo. Let's say the Rockets go undefeated, which would include a win vs. Pitt, TWO wins vs. Marshall, a win vs Cuse, and throw in a W against N. Illinois( who has eaten up Bama and Maryland) and another W against BGSU ( who beat Purdue, which should start a run of their own soon and who barely lost to my Buckeyes).

Now, wouldn't an undefeated Toledo look MUCH more impressive then an undefeated TCU? The difference is the Rockets didn't get any love in the preseason from the media, which hurts their ranking placement, which ultimately would hurt their chances ( let's face it, there aren't any) of getting to a BCS bowl. TCU may run the table, but if Toledo does in a much stronger conference, they should have a better chance at getting in then the Frogs, but it won't happen due to the poll positioning so early and the love by the media of the Frogs.

It's a fun scenario, however unlikely it may be. Then again JBDTD, between my push for Toledo and your push for TCU, I think we've found two more holes in the glorious BCS and their ways.
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