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Those are bold predictions my friend.

1] The Bengals will finish under .500.-(No way Jose. Will win their division.)

2] The Jaguars will win the AFC South.-(No way Jose).

3] The Patriots will start the season so shaky that they barely make the playoffs.-No way Jose

4] Denver will finish under .500 and third in the AFC West.-(Not going to happen).

5] Green Bay will finish last in the NFC North.-( I agree here)

6] Either Jake Delhomme will play well, and Carolina will win its division, or Delhomme will play poorly and be benched for David Carr by Thanksgiving.-(David Carr will take over by third game of the season.)

7] Philadelphia will win the NFC East in a runaway. Unless Donovan McNabb gets hurt early in the season, in which case Philly misses the postseason altogether and Dallas wins the division.-(Dallas will win this division hands down)

8] Shaun Alexander averages under 4 yards per carry, and the Seahawks win the NFC West anyway. Everyone's talking about a changing of the guard, but Seattle hangs on for another season.(Alexander will rush for 1,300 yards and average 4.7 yards per carry.)

AFC Division winners: Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, New England, San Diego(Cincinnati,Indianapolis,New England, San Diego)
AFC Wild Cards: Indianapolis, Jets-(NY Jets and Baltimore)
NFC Division winners: Chicago, Carolina, Philadelphia, Seattle(Detroit,New Orleans,Dallas and Arizona)
NFC Wild Cards Seattle and Carolina)

SUPER BOWL-New Orleans over New England
Keith "baseball nut" Thronson
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