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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
First off, Justin Smith didn't even lead the team in sacks last season. Robert Geathers had 10.5 sacks and he didn't even start. Mike Myers (from Denver) had a grreat pre-season and is hardly a "nobody." Domato Peko is a young stud, and I promise you will know his name by the end of this season.

The defense overall is average. They've improved from last season, gaining both speed and experience. The will finish in the top half of the NFL in terms of defensive statistics, the offense will be top 5. The equals a 12 win season....:thumbup:
Something tells me Philly and Dallas fans would disagree with that prediction CKFresh.

Dallas was 5th on offense, 13th on defense, and that led to 9 wins.

Philly was 2nd on offense, 15th on defense, and that led to 10 wins.

That said, I seriously doubt Cincinnati goes from 30th last year to the top 16 this year.
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