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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
One (at least moderately) bold prediction for each division:

1] The Bengals will finish under .500.

2] The Jaguars will win the AFC South.

3] The Patriots will start the season so shaky that they barely make the playoffs.

4] Denver will finish under .500 and third in the AFC West.

5] Green Bay will finish last in the NFC North.

6] Either Jake Delhomme will play well, and Carolina will win its division, or Delhomme will play poorly and be benched for David Carr by Thanksgiving.

7] Philadelphia will win the NFC East in a runaway. Unless Donovan McNabb gets hurt early in the season, in which case Philly misses the postseason altogether and Dallas wins the division.

8] Shaun Alexander averages under 4 yards per carry, and the Seahawks win the NFC West anyway. Everyone's talking about a changing of the guard, but Seattle hangs on for another season.

AFC Division winners: Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, New England, San Diego
AFC Wild Cards: Indianapolis, Jets
NFC Division winners: Chicago, Carolina, Philadelphia, Seattle
NFC Wild Cards: New Orleans, Dallas

AFC Playoffs

STEELERS over Jets, PATRIOTS over Colts
CHARGERS over Patriots, Steelers over JAGUARS
CHARGERS over Steelers

NFC Playoffs

BEARS over Cowboys, SEAHAWKS over Saints
EAGLES over Seahawks, PANTHERS over Bears
Panthers over EAGLES

Super Bowl

The NFC is hopelessly outclassed again this year.
Chargers over Panthers
Congratulations, Norv.

I know some of these predictions seem more likely than others, but if picking Norv Turner to win a Super Bowl doesn't qualify as bold, I don't know what does. :lol:

My backup Super Bowl picks -- I know picking backups is not bold, but my choices will be -- are Pittsburgh and Jacksonville, teams a lot of people don't even expect to make the playoffs. Followed, I guess, by the Pats and Colts, but everyone is picking them. I'll put the Eagles sixth in line, and stop before I get to a quarter of the league.

Seriously, though, take it to -- well, maybe not the bank, but at least show off to your friends and tell them you called it before the season:

* The Bengals will be mediocre-to-bad.
* The Colts have lost too many people, and the Jags have a great defense and tons of young talent. The Leftwich thing threw me, too, but I still think they'll do it.
* The Jets and Bills will give New England a serious run for its money.
* Denver is not a contender. Look for problems on defense, in particular.
* Green Bay is not a contender. Neither is anyone else in the NFC North.
* The Saints cannot repeat last year's success. If they win the division, it's only because the NFC South is terrible.
* Dallas, Washington, and the Giants are not ready to contend. The NFC East is Philly's for the taking.
* The Cardinals and Niners are a year away.
* San Diego has too much talent not to succeed, regardless of the coaching staff.
* Watch out for Pittsburgh, especially late in the season.

First Off, Horrid Predictions

1. Bengals win a hard-fought 12 games (AFC North Champs)
2. Colts still the king in the AFC South
3. Patriots easily make Playoffs
4. Denever will surprise some people this year.
5. Green Bay won't finish last, but 2nd or 3rd (let Brett go out with a bang)
6. Agree but 3-4 games into the season, and Carr has a resurrection, and leads them to playoffs/
7. Dallas has the division hands down (and I hate Dallas)
8. Seahawks take the NFC west, barely with the 49ers clipping the heels.

AFC Division winners: Cincinnati, Colts, New England, San Diego
AFC Wild Cards: Jacksonville, Ravens
NFC Division winners: Chicago, Carolina, Dallas, Seattle
NFC Wild Cards: New Orleans, Eagles

AFC Playoffs

COLTS over BENGALS (as big of a Bengals fan I am, they can't beat Colts yet)

NFC Playoffs



Bengals have gotten faster and better on Defense, we have Brooks, Johnson, and Jenaty, Peko and Thorton on the line, Smith and Geathers at End
Joseph and O'Neal/Hall at Corner, with Williams and Jackson at safties with Marvin White and John Busing pushing for time.

Our Offense will be one of the best this year.
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