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The Brewers are pretenders. They'll come apart down the stretch. The Mets and Phillies will both get into the playoffs.

Do I have a lack of respect for the NL Central? Absolutely. But, that's a product of the team I follow the most, Phillies, always doing well against the Central. 23-16 this season and solid in recent years. Including 4-3 against the Cubs where all 3 losses were close and late. The Phillies had leads in all 3 of those losses. Two of them they lost in the 8th, one they lost in 6th. The Phillies are +9 in run differential against the Cubs and in the wins did not particularly struggle.

The Mets and Phillies going into yesterday had 7 games with the Brewers. I expect the Brewers to win 2 of the games. The Mets took game 1.

Now, if the Phillies could just beat the Nationals...
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