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If LA hits more of their FTs, it's an easy win tho if they were, I think Rivers would have started shaking things up on D more & reacting quicker.

Aside from that, LA's bench takes this one. Pierce & Garnet play basically gets canceled out by Gasol & Odom. 29-21 bench advantage LA is the difference. Celts let Vujacic get free way too many times. Also was confusing on why the Celts didn't pressure Bryant more on those blind spins in the lane.

More drivel from the 3 stooges about fouls. Calling it home court advantage is too simplistic. Each team plays better/harder/more efficient/more aggressive at home. Refs have historically favored & rewarded the team who's hustling & making things happen. LA was the more active team for most of the game & it was called accordingly.

Hearing those inane comments of how the Lakers/Bryant were mysteriously getting to the foul line was easily seen by how the Celts were not shutting down the lane like they were at home & the Celts were reacting late to penetration by reaching & plain fouling. Basically LA was doing in the paint in game 3 what the Celts did in game 2. Quit with the excuses for LA already...

They just had to bring up another MJ/Bryant comparison...again.

Bryant made some great shots but all that does is remind you of other prolific scorers thru NBA history. Never do you feel his presence or see a game long impact like when MJ was around. Using individual plays doesn't make a comparison (tho I'd take all of MJ's over #24) even tho the NBA is working OT to make one. Just getting nauseating...

LA won this one but both teams acted like they wanted to give it away. Boston just happened to want to 'gift' it more. Horrid shooting by both teams...

I thought LA'd win this one on sheer emotion & that's what they did. I see Boston winning the next.
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