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I would like to personally thank Paul Pierce again for renewing my enjoyment of the NBA. He not only led his team but he asked for, took the assignement, and played lockdown defense on the so called "best player on the planet".

I started a huge debate a couple of years ago on these boards by stating that Paul Pierce (along with a couple of others) was an equal player to Kobe and if he had played with the Shaq that was on the Lakers he would have 3 rings and be considered as a potential Hall of Famer. There were several on the boards at the time who called me crazy. I knew these finals would prove that point. The Celtics are the better team, period. The only advantage that the Lakers had if you bought the conventional wisdom was Kobe. However I felt that Pierce would play Kobe to a stand still as the number 1 guy, and as for guys 2-12 the Lakers are not even in the ball park.
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