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Allen had played him very well too. Hell, Kobe had two offensive fouls in GAME 3 while trying to post up Ray.

You can't post up Ray Allen without fouling him?

This guy is a joke. I never want to hear this guy is Jordan again. I wouldn't even put him in my top 50 all-time.

Phil is out of his mind. What the the hell is this Farmar-Vuc-Walton-Rad-Turiaf hybrid lineup he runs at times? Nobody can create his own shot. Nobody can even set a freakin' screen. Five guys standing on the perimeter just waiting for someone to post up so they can play in-n-out and hoist a 3. Fish or Kobe have to be on the floor at all times. Kobe can't play 48 minutes? Wilt averaged OVER 48 minutes for entire seasons.

Lamar Odom needs a shrink...stat!
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