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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I'd agree that our government has a lot of room for improvement...

But can you think of any government, in any country or time in history, that has provide more protection (financial and physical) than the US government?

Maybe people, not governments, are the problem...
See, it's this kind of double talk nonsense that means nothing & goes nowhere. It's just a catch phrase to get off the topic at hand by trying to point out that something that's F'd-up is not as F'd-up as something else.

As far as maybe it's not the Government that's the problem but the people:

Of course it's the F'n people & last time I heard, that's exactly who the **** is running this Government.

You're right, I'm just a brain-washed peon who has no valuable thoughts.
C'mon, CK

Don't start this crap least with me. Ignoring me is probably the best thing anyway since I don't agree with you constantly answering any of the BS this Government pulls with an automatic attack on the Republicans while whitewashing & diminishing the Democrats degree of responsibility compared to the Republicans.

If you have no core beliefs that make you able to stand up & Damn the lot of them for their stupidity as a whole, then don't comment cuz I won't hesitate to point out the excuse making party smack.

I don't post these things to draw you into an argument but if you choose to delve into my posts, don't end up getting pissy while complaining you're being abused.


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