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Everything dies at some point, message boards included.

People want Marc to post less about hooking up with women and driving cars, but that's Marc and I think it's nice that he shares stuff about his personal life on the boards. If Marc had some other type of personality-- if it was Buck running the site-- would anything be different? I really don't think so. Marc's tried to run the boards the best that he can.

What's going to save the boards: a new owner, new mods, new rules, a new layout? I doubt any of it would make a difference. Unless SC shows up on the news tomorrow or Marc puts together a huge marketing scheme, northing's going to change.

The times are changing. I'm not afraid to be the message board nihilist: Message boards are dead.

Rather than cutting others' throats, we should just be happy that the few of us that are left are still here.
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