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Originally Posted by HibachiDG View Post
I don't think I ever said the issues weren't important, though.
You may not have used those words but your impression of the US not having any desperate issues prompted my thoughts. I think we're in a precariously dangerous time that's highly impacted by the war which will do irreparable damage in many areas to many people. Personally I think everyone should be alarmed at this stage.

It seems like with the last election and with this election that more people are getting involved. What differentiates voting in a sheeplike manner and supporting a candidate? So, if you support a candidate, vote for them, but certain problems don't get fixed, what's the answer? Stop voting for someone that says things like them?
Yes but we have no idea if it will stay that way or it's the 'rock star' effect of Obama & the internet that will possibly fizzle once the novelty has worn off. Sheep-like is more about just getting amped about the election/competition, casting your vote & letting things ride till the next election which sees the pattern happening all over again. Supporting your candidate entails holding him to his promised standard & making any kind of waves you think best if it doesn't happen that way. As it is, the party loyalty preempts many from breaking out of the party holding pattern when it comes to choosing someone.

As far as what you can do? Put it this way, whatever each voter decides they want to do whether it be write-in to your party/congressman/Senator/etc., grass root movements, etc. & even as far as casting your vote outside the party. Even if you think your 1 vote won't make a difference, cast it with a candidate who speaks for the people. Voting with a party that fails you is admitting your vote means nothing & shows that your fear of the unknown (not knowing if your lessor of 2 evils might lose) is greater than standing up for what's right.

Personally I can't vote for someone who reneges on their promises even if they are told by their party to or ultimately don't have the power/influence you thought they had.

I think people want to do this.{Vote for politicians who do things & not just promise. }
I agree but I think most either don't know what to do about it if they (the politicians) don't do what they say or are just afraid of what they may be left with.

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