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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
First off... sorry for calling you a "fair weather" fan - I know you are passionate (as crazy as you are!)

Dude,,, you put all the blame on McNabb... and yeah, the QB always gets jobbed in that aspect - but I cant put that loss on McNabb.

Their defense played horrible and the Eagles found themselves in a big hole in the first half. McNabb then played great football but the defense could not step up when they needed them to.

What about the fact that the offense didn't score a touchdown in the first half? That in no way contributed to the hole?

But their cornerbacks were completely overmatched in a purely physical sense by Arizona's receivers. There has never been a 5'10" CB in NFL history worth the money they paid Assante Samuel.

It was a team loss IMO... saying McNabb choked is just what all the Philly fans do... I seriously have more respect for McNabb after this season. That guy gets the most sh1t I've ever seen a QB get and he just laughs it off. Dude's got a good attitude if you ask me.

If McNabb had a "good attitude," T.O. would still be an Eagle and McNabb might have been looking for One For The Thumb this year.

Right now, McNabb gives the Eagles the best shot at a SB... I'll agree Reid could go - I do think they need a change at head coach, and there are a lot of coaches out there right now.

But lay off McNabb... jeez...

On that 4th-down pass on the last drive, he must have thought Kevin Curtis was Yao Ming or something.

But then again, that's typical of McNabb in big games.
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