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While I agree with the tenets of the website producer, I have the following not-at-all liberal-leaning questions:

1. Did he not commit the crime?
2. Are we to the point in our society that juries should vote one way or the other based on the perceived punishment?
3. Why didn't the defense raise the spectre of the max punishment?
4. It's a stupid law, but if we're really concerned with our teens having sex like bunnies, isn't this something of a necessary law to have on the books? And shouldn't it be enforced more reguarly?

True, the story is tragic, and there's little doubt in my mind that the motive for his receiving the max punishment has as much to do with small town racism and (guessing-- I don't know if Georgia elects their judges) it being an election year for this judge. However, if no other useful effect is drawn from this situation, maybe some of those teen boys will think twice before "becoming a man," especially with a girl barely into high school...

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