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Cal beat Arizona State and Oregon State, both bowl winners this past season. ASU just happened to destroy Big-10 co-champion Iowa earlier in the year as well. Oregon State proved to be tough competition this year, throwing away a win against LSU on 3 missed extra points and playing tough against 'SC in tough weather at home. Cal just happened to beat them, at a time when they were at full strength, Corvallis. Lyman showcased his abilities in this game, similar to how he did against VT at the Insight Bowl. If you don't remember, he was the guy who was running away from Hokie defenders like he was the Flash in route to helping his team score a 50-spot.

'SC has a next level they did not use in those two games? Heh...nah a team don't want to use their "next level" in two of the most important games of the season, one being the last team to beat them, the other the intercity rival...boy you are 13, aren't you?
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