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Default Re: Cal/PAC 10 not exactly flexing its muscle

Originally posted by tigereyes33
But, we'll see USC get beaten by OU and everyone on the west coast can shut up about having a legit. conference. They will always be behind the ACC, SEC, Big 12, and Big 10.

33, my son, you are so easy.

You clearly arent psychic and I really hope you dont gamble with the allowance your parents give you.

Oh by the way 33. We cant compete with the ACC, SEC, Big 12 and Big 10, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................

We not only beat the Big 12 champs, OU this year on a neutral field..

We also beat the ACC champs, VT this year in there backyard.

We beat the Big 10 champs last year, Michigan.

I wont even bring up ND either.

We also beat what was SUPPOSED to be the best SEC team last year, on there home field, Auburn............23-0. Kind of sent there season into a spiral we did, too bad really.

Auburn the last 2 years has beaten, the ACC champs on a neutral field and the 7th place Big 10 team, Wisconsin, on a neutral field.

Nothing else nationally.

WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!.....................maybe you ought to spread your damn wings and prove something.

Take care my son.

Oh 33, I will leave you with this quote from Shaun Cody, the USC DLinemen in case you hadnt heard of him, as told to Bruce Feldman of ESPN the Magazine..................

"It seems to happen like this everytime we play one of these OUT OF CONFERENCE teams, same thing happened when we played AUBURN and Michigan last year. Those guys just weren't ready for our speed."

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