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Originally posted by coachJ
Just because one team from the Pac-10 is the National Champion...and they are the only team in the conference that has beat a legitimate OOC opponent, means your the "cream of the crop"?? Sure USC is a great team, but that doesnt make the conference great, or even good for that matter. Your #2 team, Cal, got a whoopin' handed to them by the Big 12's #3 team, who was beaten badly by both the top 2 teams in the Big 12. Your clam that the Pac-10 can hang with the rest of the conferences hinges on one team, and thats USC. You cant say that a conference is good because of one team.
I was responding to my son....................33..................but I'll play.

You chose to site one bowl game in one year.

I'll go with a slightly bigger picture, but keep with a CFB players time in CFB, 5 years. Over trhe past 5 seasons or since the beginning of 2000, in that time we have played the OHHH so powerful SEC 8 times head to head, the PAC owns a 6-2 record over that span. 4 each on home fields.

The PAC has played the BIG 12, 25 times, with the BIG 12 holding a 11-14 head to head edge, but the PAC also has played 11 of those games on the road, 7 on neutral sites, with only 7 at home.

Yeah, the PAC really cant compete, these guys are just head and shoulders above the PAC.

So against the SEC and the BIG 12 in this decade the PAC is 17-16 in head to head games, all the while playing 4 fewer home games.

Thats being pretty competitive.

Now in case you struggle to read, it was not ME stating the PAC was above everyone else. It was that lost young boy................Tigereyes33............who stated the PAC was below the others, I just enjoy pointing out how little he knows.

Do you know that little also?

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