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Cool Anthony's Week 16 Picks


Last week: 6-10. Season totals: 95-120-9, Pct. .444. Best Bets: 21-21-3, Pct. .500.

Home team in capital letters; point spreads (opening line) in parentheses after underdog team; selections with point spreads in bold.


ST. LOUIS 20 (+7 1/2), Pittsburgh 17 - Oddly enough the Steelers wouldn't help themselves much by winning, mainly because it's an out-of-conference game; and it's just as well because Pittsburgh has never - repeat, never - beaten the Rams on the road: 0-10-1 going back to 1939!


Dallas 28, CAROLINA 10 (+10 1/2) - There is no truth to the rumors that Green Bay's front office is offering Jessica Simpson a million dollars to attend this game; and wasn't Tony Romo's first NFL start last year, on prime time, at Carolina - and didn't he really light it up?


N.Y. Giants 24, BUFFALO 13 (+3) - The Giants secure their third straight postseason appearance by going on the road, where they have covered five in a row, and knocking off a team that is already assured of their eighth straight postseason non-appearance.

TENNESSEE 27, N.Y. Jets 7 (+9) - If the one-dimensional, pass-oriented Patriots could run for 131 yards against the Jet defense, then the one-dimensional, run-oriented Titans should be able to gain more than enough yards on the ground to cover.

JACKSONVILLE 34, Oakland 10 (+13) - Amazingly, no Jacksonville player is going to the Pro Bowl - but all of them will be going to the playoffs with one more win, and Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew figure to jolly-stomp the league's second-worst run defense.

CINCINNATI 28 (+3), Cleveland 24 - The disappointing Bengals have been tough at home all year and it may be asking a bit much to expect week-in, week-out consistency from the Browns at this stage. Spot for an upset.

DETROIT 27, Kansas City 10 (+4 1/2) - At least the Lions can find something to play for - a win would enable them to evade a double-digit-loss season for the first time in the Matt Millen era, now in its seventh season. Herm Edwards could be at UCLA or West Virginia next year.

INDIANAPOLIS 31, Houston 14 (+7) - Yeah, I know that the Colts are locked into the second seed in the AFC no matter what, but I also know that Houston has lost 14 consecutive games on artificial turf by a staggering 416-170, and Matt Schaub still may not be ready to return from his shoulder injury.

NEW ORLEANS 34, Philadelphia 13 (+3) - The Saints are still very much in the NFC playoff hunt while the Eagles are out. So why the low number? And when the New Orleans offensive line, which is the best in the NFL, dominates the line of scrimmage, Drew Brees will be able to take advantage of the grotesque height mismatch his receivers will enjoy over the diminutive Philly corners and lead the Saints to a blowout win in the week's obvious best bet.

Green Bay 23, CHICAGO 10 (+9) - There is a very real integrity-of-the-game issue here: Brian Griese clearly gives the Bears a better chance of winning this game than Kyle Orton, yet Orton will presumably start again. Wouldn't Lovie Smith expect the same consideration if his team was in the same position as Dallas? But it is what it is - and what it will be is Green Bay's 13th win in 14 games at Chicago.

ARIZONA 24, Atlanta 17 (+10 1/2) - The Cardinals are in a similar situation to that of the Lions, in that a win would not only guarantee them their best record since 2001, but it would also clinch second place in the NFC West, representing their highest division finish since 1998. But does Arizona deserve to be a double-digit favorite over anybody?

SAN FRANCISCO 16 (+7), Tampa Bay 13 - Since the current playoff format was adopted five years ago, teams have consistently not given a tinker's damn about whether they would be seeded third or fourth in the playoffs (two years back New England even had Doug Flutie drop-kick an extra point in a game where that was at stake), and Tampa Bay's lifetime record at San Francisco consists of one one-point win (in 1980) and ten losses. So why not?

NEW ENGLAND 24. Miami 6 (+21 1/2) - Guess what? Almost exactly the same weather conditions that so thoroughly short-circuited New England's offense last Sunday are being forecast for the area this Sunday! It may take a shutout for the Patriots to cover this one.

SEATTLE 35, Baltimore 7 (+10) - Do you think for one minute that the Seahawks want any part of being the team that lost to the team that lost to Miami?

MINNESOTA 17, Washington 14 (+6 1/2) - Kyle Orton kept it close in Minnesota, so why can't Todd Collins? The Redskins are also 5-2 in domes since 2001 and 4-1 lifetime at Triple H, making Washington a solid take to at least cover.


SAN DIEGO 31, Denver 13 (+9) - This may be an exception to the rule of teams not caring if they're seeded third or fourth, because here a 3-seed would mean not having to face what will likely be a 16-0 team in the divisional playoffs; and the Chargers have won their last three against Denver by a combined 124-50. Remember how the San Diego fans wanted Marty Schottenheimer back three months ago? Well maybe Schottenheimer will be coaching the Broncos next year - after Mike Shanahan gets fired.


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