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Originally posted by Marc
Hockey will not survive as one of the "four major" American sports if that is their attitude. Football, basketball, and baseball are in all climates, why can't hockey be, too? The NHL needs to smash these old stereotypes like "hockey in the desert? what a load of crap!". It needs to expand and market to new fans.
ok, where have you been for the last 10 years? With the exception of Dallas, no sun-belt city has embraced the NHL.

Never say never when it comes to Winnipeg getting an NHL team again. In 1972, everyone would have laughed if you would have said that one day Winnipeg would have an NHL team. Then along came a man named BOBBY HULL...

Seattle may get an NHL team once the CBA agreement ends, and there is a work stoppage leading to the cancellation of the 2004-05 NHL season most likely. The end result will be a few team relocating or folding. Most likely Pittsburgh, Carolina, Anaheim, Buffalo, New Jersey, Nashville, etc.

it may not happen but this is just my 2 cents

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