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I think the problem is that the game sucks right now. No one wants to pay 80 dollars a ticket to go to see a 1-0 game. Especially when over half the teams are playing the trap.

Bettman did do a good job when he expanded the market and put hockey teams in more cities. The only problem is that with more teams comes a dispersement in the talent level of the teams. When it use to be only 12-20 teams there would be more that 3 stars on a team. This led to an increase in scoring and a much more exciting game.

But as hockey expanded and there became more teams, there would be on average 1-2 star players on a team. This led to the bigger market teams giving out enormous paychecks to create winning teams and multi-talented teams, leaving the small market teams out to dry and in turn look to the trap to keep them in the playoff hunt. In return this led to an enormous decrease in scoring and excitement, in which the teams and hockey in general, lost fans and money.

A whole crap-load of cause and affect leading to the downfall of a good sport.

What's the solution to this, you ask?

Either an increase in talented players, or a decrease in teams. You pick..
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