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Originally posted by bombers fan
Tom Bradys recievers Terry Glen was there
David Givens
Troy Brown
David Patten
Dieon Branch
and no I didnt look these up
In '01, Brady threw the ball to David Patten and Troy Brown, almost exclusively. Occasionally, Kevin Faulk would get a catch, and sometimes JR Redmond.

Honestly, I can't think of the Pats' 3rd receiver in '01. Oh, wait, I've got it: Fred .... oh, shoot. Fred something. He was a former XFLer. Crap. Oh, well.

Glenn participated in, if memory serves, 5 games before being suspended from the team indefinitely for rules violations. He was not a large factor in what the Pats did in '01. But, Brady did throw to him.

Branch and Givens were both drafted in the year after the Super Bowl victory.

Both have proven to be decent receivers. Neither will EVER challenge for best receiver in the league honors.

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