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Originally posted by bombers fan
ever herd of the quote offense wins games defense wins championships. The ravens went like 3 games without having their offense score a point back when they won the super bowl and won those games. They won cuz of their D not their offense. When the Bucs beat the Raiders it was the leagues top D "bucs vs the top o "raiders" and the Bucs won. The Rams were the greatest show on turf and the lost to the Pats who play amazing D. Theres a pattern here. To win a championship you need defense. PIstons won because of their DEFENSE.
The 2000 Ravens were lucky, and are the worst SB-winning team in history.

In 2001, when the Rams lost to the Pats in the Super Bowl, St. Louis ranked 3rd in total defense, and New England was 24th.

The 2002 Buccaneers won the Super Bowl because Jon Gruden and Monte Kiffin outcoached Bill Callahan and Marc Trest, not because defense is more important than offense.

I agree that Atlanta's defensive resurgence has more to do with their success this year than Vick does, but if you want to argue that defense is more important than offense, you are wrong.

I don't feel like repeating a rather involved discussion that took place on these boards less than a month ago, so please refer to the Fakers thread, particularly the second and third pages, and In Defense of Offense.

Teams like Kansas City (all offense, no defense) and Washington (all defense, no offense) are going nowhere, fast. Great teams have balance. Defense doesn't win championships any more than offense does. You need both.
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