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I've always been put in a weird predicament when it comes to Kentucky. I first started watching college basketball when UMass, Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Syracuse in 1996, and selected Kentucky as my favorite. Since then, I've been a Kentucky basketball fan. But I am a huge Florida fan and amplified that beginning with the NCAA Finals appearance against Michigan State. With Kentucky not only being in the same conference (SEC) but also the same division (SEC East), it's hard for me to go for both of them. But I've somewhat found a medium.

I still cheer for Kentucky when I can (only unless their fortunes hurt Florida). But doesn't it seem that Kentucky is on a downhill course? They are on more of a rebuilding course this year, although they've received big strides from some of their players. Their stunning loss last year ended a great season. Now, Joe Crawford transfers? Nobody transfers from Kentucky unless they wear pads.

What's going on in Lexington?
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