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You gotta remember Marc, history is my forte. My mind has no need for the future! They'll just stuff me and put me next to a dinosaur and a rotary phone when I kick the bucket.

GPS and GIS are interesting new developments, even to my senile old mind. Having a geography background, I enjoy looking at the technology in these fields, though find it misused and overrated. Youngstown State University just put together a GIS major and wants to be a leader in the field. They asked a professor friend of mine (if he's my buddy, you can be sure he is old school...he's actually 65 and was my prof years ago) to help out. He turned them down saying the field took the emphasis away from traditional map making and geography in general. I agree with him 100%. On the first day of school each year, he asks the students (usually college freshman) which way is north, south, east, and west. As the years go by, the numbers get lower and lower that can point out the directions.

You youngins' can work your dotcoms and ipods but can't find your way out of the woods if you were lost!
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