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1. I would not allow anyone under 40 to serve in a military war zone and would institute a draft when needed in times of war for those over 40.

2. I would make it illegal to dispose of anything eadible which can be preserved and shipped to starving countries.

3. I would ban any further production of all personal vehicles that run on petrolium based products. And require all those in existance to be destroyed or converted to some less poluting energy source within 10 years.

4. I would create a department to oversee the development of a usable practicle modern mass transit system for every city, all of which will be required to have a working system by the year 2017.

5. For every dollar spent on military defense, one must be equally spent on education, health care, and the homeless.

6. I would ban the death penalty for two practical reasons:
a. It is a fact that it costs more to put someone to death now than it does to incarcerate them for life.
b. Death is not a punishment but a release from the pain and misery of life, thus the only punishment one can administer to anyone is while they are alive. Why free and release them from there debt to society.

7. All repeat sex offenders will automatically be castrated and turned into a complete non-sexual beings.

8. I would create a flat 10% income tax with no deductions whatsoever on all income over $12,000 per year.

9. I would lower the age of consent to 14, along with requiring all schools to offer a mandatory liberal sex education class to all 13 yr olds.

10. And finally, I would make it illegal to take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
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