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Originally Posted by bama4256
I say let them date at age 16. I would have her mother start talking o her about sexual issues around the age of 13. I wouldn't approve of her having sex until she was 21. I wouldn't approve of her getting married until she was 21. Hopefully a mature adult.
I don't think any parent ever truly approves of their kids having sex, regardless of age, until they are married.

And if your daughter leaves the house and attends college at 18, I don't think she will be calling seeking her parent's approval.

Thirteen is too-late of a stage to be talking to your child about sex. I have nieces who are eleven and twelve years old and they are already well aware of sex and the consequences of sex. And if they haven't heard it from having "the talk" with the parents, they have heard about it from friends and by simply watching the nature of our society.

And as far as dating is concerned, it usually isn't that big of a deal until either one of the two involved is able to drive (16-years of age here in Kansas).
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