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He certainly did not get ROBBED, or, uh JEETED as the NY papers said. No one with under 100 RBI can even hint at being robbed of an MVP award. I think it has only happened once in the AL in the past decade.

If he finished 2nd, and I believe he did, I think Jeter can be thankful that he played in NY and had those numbers. Because if he put up the season he had in most other markets, he certainly would not have been up that high. Look at Edgar Martinez for all those years. Nomar Garciaparra in 1999 and 2000. And Jeter certainly got my closer to the MVP than those guys did.

I'm not saying a Jeter for MVP argument can't be made, just that I don't think you can't say he was cheated when he was this close to the MVP award based only on where he played. Anywhere else, he doesn't get this consideration with the season he had.

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