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eman484 has some great points. However, I don't have a problem with Brady not going... eh, you could make the case about his numbers not far off from Rivers and seeing that he has ABSOLUTELY NO ONE to throw to, he is a leader and has lead them to another (hopefully :thumbup: ) AFC East champ., etc!! But Rivers should not be faulted for that. He's young, having a great season I say let 'em go to Hawaii.

Most Underserving IMO is Tony Romo. I have a problem with these guys coming in half the year... in the NFC - he ranks 12th in completions. 11th in yards, and 8th in TD's. Yeah he's 5th in INT's and 1st in Rating but I don't know. I think with all the media hype, TO, the Bledsoe benching that they had to give it to him. Which I don't agree with. Just my opinion.

Biggest Snub: I'm gonna try to make a case for Brett Favre. (even though I disagreed with some of the habits I'm about to post) He ranks 4th in completions, 4th in Yards, and 8th in TD's. INT's are high (15) so he ranks 12th. His rating is also low (ranks 13th). But ok, his numbers are not bad and yeah (although I said don't fault Rivers above) we all know Favre has no one to throw to as well, and is playing on a horrible team right now. And again, (I said I don't agree with media hype) this may be Favre's last season so why not??? If the media wants a story, this would be a nice treat for all us fans. (Seriously, does anybody really dislike Brett Favre?)
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