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Originally Posted by catman View Post
Yes, in my opinion it is.
The reason for a late term abortion is seldom medical. If the mother undergoes proper pre-natal care and follows the advice and orders of her Dr., these abomonations will not be necessary. The only time I agree with aborting a fetus is when the mother's life is in danger, or when the fetus is determined by testing to be inviable. Neither is the case in these procedures, as c-section is far less dangerous to a mother's health and severe problems with the baby should be determined before it reaches the 3rd trimester.
I disagree with Ms Ginsberg's opinion. This is not "alarming".
I'm with Catman.

I know some people may find this to be impossible but I will say it anyway. I am AGAINST abortion, yet still pro-choice. The thought of abortion is sickening to me, and I think abortion is almost always the wrong decision. However I think the decision should ultimately be made by the mother.

On this issue I really see no conflict. I know some of the "super pro-choice" people will be opposed to such measures, but in my opinion, it is ultimately a good thing.

If we really want to slow down and ultimately stop abortion in this country we need to work on educating the youth about safe sex. If enough people start practicing safe sex, abortion clinics will close their doors, due to lack of business.
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