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LaVar Arrington’s motorcycle crash fails to live up to its potential

Although it had everything you could want in a motorcycle accident – high speed, a ramp, and a novice rider – LaVar Arrington’s crash on Monday in Maryland disappointed many who saw the NFL linebacker total his bike.

“This was a crash that could have been legendary, you know? One of the greatest ever,” said Robert Lamont, who witnessed the crash. “But for whatever reason it just didn’t pan out that way. Sure, there were some broken bones, but it could have been so much more.”

Police officer Sgt. Michael Smetger, who responded to the scene, said that when he heard over the dispatch that a motorcycle had crashed into a guardrail on a highway ramp he expected something awesome.

“I thought there probably was a big fireball or some severed limbs – something breathtaking and dramatic. From what I heard, it had that sort of awesome potential,” said Smetger. “But then I was told it was LaVar Arrington in the crash, and I knew it was best if I lowered my expectations.”
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