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Default U.S. Goalie Controversy?

With Mike Dunham (NAS) being named to the U.S. Olympic squad as one of the first 8 in early spring, it seemed quite obvious that he would be the go-to guy in goal for the United States Men's Olympic Hockey Team.

Now, with some goalies getting hot, and a front-page poll, fans are saying that perhaps Dunham should not get the nod in goal as the U.S. tries for the second "Miracle on Ice" at the SLC02 Olympic Games.

Who would you choose?:

Tom Barrasso (CAR)
Brian Boucher (PHI)
Rick DiPietro (NYI)
Mike Dunham (NAS)
Brent Johnson (STL)
Mike Richter (NYR)
Damian Rhodes (ATL)

I, to be honest with you, didn't even realize Boucher was American :uhoh: , so that changes my view on everything... he is the best American goalie right now in the NHL... err -- unfortunately, he's injured, listed as "day-to-day" right now... will that mess up what has been a HOT season thus far.

...but we've discussed the Canadian goalie situation many 'a time on this board... the U.S. obviously does not have exactly the same problem and only a few legit guys to choose from in goal, but this is what my goalie line-up would be for Team USA:

#1 - Mike Dunham
#2 - Brian Boucher
#3 - Rick DiPietro
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