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Originally Posted by themush View Post
CK judging by the pics you put up yesterday, I'm guessing you work in an office environment and probably have a 401k option. Do you take advantage of it? Should you be taxed on a SAVINGS PLAN? What's next checking acct taxes, express checkout fees at the grocery store?
I do have a 401k. I don't mind paying more taxes, even on the 401k.

There are things that need to be paid for in this country. I'd rather sacrifice a little bit of my savings plan than allow our infastrcture to further crumble while we fall deeper into debt with China.

I'm sorry, but I think we can all sacrifice a little bit for the greater good.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Obama's policies will have a positive impact on the economy, meaning my 401K will grow at a faster rate. Therefore, I beleive that I will do better, even if he slightly taxes my savings.
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