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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Calipari had the press conference at UK and knocked the socks off it. He's the perfect fit and I'm ecstatic he's the coach. He said, "I'm here to recruit the best of the best." I think UK will right up there with UNC dominating very shortly.
Hey Marc,

Congrats on your new coach! It has been somewhat gloomy around here for around a week now. We had fools who probably were ready to jump off buildings over him leaving. It was absolutely sickening.

So many now hate the guys guts now, but they were the same ones that worshipped the ground he walked on when he was winning for us.

I must say he did an excellent job here, but IMO he could not walk on water as some seem to think. I won't say I wish him well because he gutted our program on the way out the door, but I won't wish him failure either.

I will just wait on you guys to do what you do. He will not have the lovefest with you guys that he had here. He is not a good bench coach so he lost a few games we should have won including the title game. While we overlooked that because the intoxication of even being there, you guys will lambaste him for every bad move.

Fair warning to you and all KY fans: the guy is a salesman and a smooth talker, but after a while the smooth talk will wear off on you and you maybe dissappointed. Those folksy stories he told at the presser yesterday were all ones that we have heard multiple times, and he delivered him just as smoothly as always.

He will recruit big for you, he will lose you games because of his inability/unwillingness to make in game adjustments. My advice is for you guys to ignore the smooth talk and hold him accountable for his screw ups. If you guys ride him when he messes up you will return to glory soon. If you let him smooth talk you and skate by you will go the Gillespe route again.
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