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Here is an article I just received from

I've been asked my thoughts on the debacle called the "Sack Record" that's
now owned by DE Michael Strahan. I can't wait for the record to be broken
because Michael Strahan who is a very nice guy and someone who should have
EARNED it DID NOT! All indications point to the sack being given to him.
My opinion is that it was. After watching it and looking at how the play
was set up, etc. There really is no other answer. The bootleg call is
idiotic because with a 9-point lead, why are you going to risk your star
QB. The player that will take you to the Promised Land? No way would any
coach make that call.

Whether it's the most ardent Giants fan or not, no one can say that sack
was earned because it was not. It was given to Strahan. That's what irks
me. Everyone was pulling for Strahan to get it because of the type of guy
he is. It would have been great and very deserving to the player that was
a one-man wrecking crew this year. However, QB Brett Favre -- who was
GIVEN his last MVP along with a more deserving RB Barry Sanders (the MVP
should not have been shared by the two players) -- felt like the writers
did that year and gave the sack to Strahan.

That's what makes this so disgraceful. To see someone as good as Strahan
being given the sack record is a shame. Sure, he'll have his name in the
yearbooks for some years but he'll never truly be able to enjoy it. When
talked about both on a personal one-on-one level with friends or covered
in the national spotlight, the question of the record being given to
Strahan will always come up. That's the true shame in all this. The
perception by nearly everyone in America is that the record was given.
Strahan holds a tarnished record and he is one of the more deserving
players who we all wanted to see break the record. That's what makes this
an even worse situation.

**My thoughts exactly**

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