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Thanks for the "support," guys.

Ya, my exit was a little immature at the time but I was a teenager. Even though you got on my nerves from time to time, I apologize, Marc.

It's a rather large wedding with people from all over Canada and some from USA coming so the only way to easily communicate things to them is to have a site (complete with a countdown clock to doomsday).

I'm still working for the company in my avatar logo... if you have a BlackBerry you support me Hopefully that doesn't turn you off the product but we're changing the world one device at a time despite what the media may have you think about our doom given the faux iPhone prodigy story. But that's another thread I suppose.

Anyway, I probably won't be back here often but saw the stats on the website with this site as a reference and wondered what was up around these old stomping grounds of mine.


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