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Whatever you put into it you will get out of it.
This is the most fallacious facade of an idea I have ever heard. Some people work hard and succeed; some people work little and succeed; some people work exceptionally hard and fail. There are many single parents on wellfare who work exceptionally hard and can barely support themselves and their child(ren).

why do the people continue to stay employed there?
It's not that the job itself is horrible-- it's not like working in a steel mill or mine or meat factory. It's just that the wage is awful for people with families to support. Why stay working there? Where are else are they supposed to go get a better wage?

The founders set up our Constitution so that people were given liberty to make the life that they will for themselves
They were given the liberty to will the life that they want, not to make the life that they will for themselves. I'm no hardcore determanist, but if we could just will the life we wanted, I doubt there would be many projects or single males without model girlfriends.

-- I'm not saying that life is a zero sum game; at least not in America. But just because it isn't a zero sum game doesn't mean many people aren't left with a negative score.
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