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Firstly, thanks for the comment on my article, Mert. I like to look at the other side of the argument and Kvitova has the makings of a star. I did have a feeling for her at the start of the tournament. In fact, I put a bet on her and Nadal to win at the start of the tournament. As the final gets closer, however, I'm feeling less confident about Rafa.

Djokovic played really well against Tsonga and I thought that Nadal was poor early on against Murray and though he eventually took control he was making a lot of uncharacteristic errors. So, I reckon Djokovic will win in 4.

What do you make of Tomic? He played a decent match against Nadal earlier in the year at the Australian Open and obviously had a great run here.The future looks good for him. Also, you're probably better equipped to comment on this but do you think he has strange style? He seems to play the ball very nonchalantly and his forehand seems to have a lot of wrist in it, so he kinds of whips the racket through the ball.
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