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I was surprised by the lack of pundits picking Djokovic. I appreciate that Nadal has been there and done it and was the slight favourite but on British TV only Henman said Djokovic would win.

I'm become less convinced by each slam that Murray is going to win one. He looked in really good shape going into the semis and started superbly against Nadal, then he missed a easy(ish) forehand in the second set and crumbled, losing the next seven games. He seemed better mentally going into the match but then that happened. He's still quite some way behind Djokovic and Nadal mentally.

Also, did you think that Federer didn't look interested in the fifth set against Tsonga? I know he tends to have that same expression all of the time but there didn't seem to be any fire there. It didn't look like it bodes well for his future and I wouldn't be surprised to see him retire in the next year or so.
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